Cape Town pollen counts off the charts

The University of Cape Town (UCT) has been monitoring pollen in different areas of Cape Town for more than 20 years and has noticed a massive surge in pollen levels.

STUDY: Food allergy research in SA

What proportion of children with egg and peanut allergies outgrow their allergies after five years? Professor Claudia Gray’s work shows unexpectedly high rates of food allergy in children with eczema

Revolutionary discovery to reduce sensitivity to allergies

Researchers have found a way to silence the allergic inflammation in mice with a form of immune transfer and gene therapy allowing the immune system to become tolerant of previous allergens.

The correct nasal spray your secret to fight allergies

The Honorary Secretary of the Allergy Society of South Africa (ALLSA), Dr Shaunagh Emanuel, explains that there are three main

Proper diagnosis of seasonal allergies vital

This is according to Dr Todd Mahr, Director for Paediatric Allergy/Immunology at Gundersen Health System in Wisconsin.

Dealing with allergic rhinitis

Allergic rhinitis is a common condition that affects 10%-20% of general population. Seasonal allergic rhinitis is a subset of allergic