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Registered physiotherapist will present on her experience with compression therapy in vascular conditions

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Date: 1 December 2021  

Time: 18h00  

Topic: The role of compression therapy in vascular conditions  

Presenter: Allison Dendy  

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Allison qualified as a physiotherapist with a Hons (Physiotherapy) in 1986 at Wits and opened her own private practice in 1989. This was in both general physio with a special interest in paediatric physio, running a NICU and Paediatric ward at Carstenhof Clinic.  

In 2001 she was diagnosed with breast cancer and started looking into the occurrence and treatment of lymphoedema within this condition. In 2004 she went to the US, San Diego California and specialised in MLD/CDT through ACOLS and then became LANA certified lymphoedema therapist. Upon returning to SA, she set up one of the first lymphoedema practices in SA. She is a founding member of LAOSA, for which she ran as president.  

The practice has a close professional relationship with Dr Dirk Le Roux, Dr Pradeep Mistry and Dr Thomas Rangaka, vascular surgeons at Sunninghill Hospital, and together they have developed a far better understanding of how best to treat each individual lymphoedema patient. She has developed a special interest in the treatment of lymphatic elephantiasis. She actively works with the Netcare Foundation, to offer pro-bono treatments to patients with lymphoedema, who do not have the luxury to afford advanced medical care for their condition.  

In 2018 she qualified in a new technique of lymphoedema management, FG-MLD and in 2019 travelled to England to enhance her qualification in lymphatic mapping.  

She has since set up the first lymphatic mapping clinic available in Africa. She is actively mapping patients to determine the accurate diagnosis of their condition, enhancing their treatment programmes for better outcomes of treatment.  

She is a trainer for LTA Africa in the education of more lymphoedema therapists and has the privilege in working with Essity, educating the suppliers of garments of vascular and lymphoedema conditions.