Medical Chronicle hosted a webinar on 30 September 2021. You can watch the replay of the webinar and still earn a CPD point.

Dr Kerbelker explained that cough is a common symptom of AR​

This webinar was made possible by Thermo Fisher Scientific.

Dr Tamara Kerbelker’s presentation focussed on:  

  • History of allergic rhinitis​ 
  • Epidemiology​ 
  • Symptoms and clinical signs​ 
  • Classification​ 
  • Diagnostic assessment​ 
  • COVID-19 and AR​ 
  • Treatment guidelines​ 

Her key messages for rhinitis in 2021 include:  

Key messages Rhinitis 2020  

  • Cough is a common symptom of AR​ 
  • No routine testing for food allergies with AR​ 
  • Leukotriene receptor antagonists should only be used only after alternative therapies have been tried​ 
  • Avoid first-generation antihistamines due to the sedating properties​ 
  • Combination intranasal H1 antihistamine and intranasal corticosteroids are supported by further studies. 


Dr Kerbelker is a paediatrician and registered allergist who trained at Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital and the University of Cape Town Lung Institute with Professor Michael Levin and Professor Paul Potter. She is passionate about the ambulatory diagnosis and management of paediatric allergy and linking with community stakeholders to improve community-based allergy care.  

Watch the replay video here: 

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