This talk will focus on our current understanding of genetic syndromes and specific genetic variations with regards to the cardio-metabolic syndrome (SNIPS) and obesity. Dr Hudson will explore epigenetics and polymorphisms and genetic expression. He will look at specific case studies and discuss the tests that can be done to spot genetic changes clinically. If we start manipulating these genetic changes we see outcomes. 

In his webinar on 22 October, Dr Hudson will explore epigenetics and polymorphisms and genetic expression [Image: Freepik].

To fit into your jeans we must expose and explore your individual genes. This modern focus makes medicine very individualised, very precise, very specific and yet very cost effective with more successful outcomes than with the traditional approach to weight management. It also gives patients a better understanding of their condition and frees them from the depressive trap of self-blame.


Dr Gary Hudson is a Specialist Physician with a special interest in immunity and metabolism. He graduated MBBCh (magna cum laude) 1987 from the University of Witwatersrand. An internship followed at Hillbrow Hospital. He was placed onto the Johannesburg registrar circuit in 1989. He completed the MMed exam in 1993. He initiated the immune and rheumatology clinics at the then JG Strydom/ Coronation Hospital as a consultant. He is a founding member of the HIV Clinicians society. In 2003, he completed FCP(SA). He is a senior lecturer for the FPD. He practiced as a private practitioner in Johannesburg North for many years and relocated to Betty’s Bay where he now practices. He is a guest lecturer for numerous pharmaceutical companies with topics related to metabolic syndromes, obesity, thyroid disease and immune diseases.