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Dr Elizabeth Goddard will present her findings in this paediatric population.

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Date: 24th November 2021  

Time: 19h00  

Topic: A Review of Coeliac Disease in Children  

Presenter: Dr Elizabeth Anne Goddard 

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From Dr Goddard:  

I completed my PhD in immunology in 1994, completed my paediatric training in general paediatrics and spent 2 ½ years as a senior registrar training in paediatric gastroenterology. For the last 7 ½ years, I have held a permanent consultant post in paediatric gastroenterology and have been acting head of the unit for the past year. During this time in the unit, 3 paediatricians have completed a 2-year training programme as senior registrars in gastroenterology.  

Two paediatricians from Kenya have completed a year of training in the unit and has since returned to Kenya. The Gastroenterology unit runs outpatient clinics in gastroenterology, cystic fibrosis and liver transplantation. It also has dedicated gastroenterology inpatient beds and offers a consultative service to the rest of the hospital and advice to private and public medical professionals outside of Red Cross Children’s Hospital. As this is a tertiary academic hospital, children are referred for assessment by paediatricians around the country.  

The specific diseases that I have managed cover a wide spectrum of congenital and acquired diseases of the intestine, liver and pancreas as well as inherited and metabolic disease of the liver and gastrointestinal system. In addition, I have extensive expertise in the management of diseases that are more common in developing countries such as chronic diarrhoeal disease, nutritional HIV disease, and HIV disease of the GIT tract and liver.   

The Liver Transplantation Unit at Red Cross Children’s Hospital is the only unit in the public sector offering liver transplantation to children in Sub- Saharan Africa. Children with chronic liver disease are referred from units throughout South Africa and neighbouring countries for assessment for liver transplantation. I have been actively involved in the assessment of children for liver transplantation and in the management of the recipients of liver transplantation since 1997.   

I have attended and presented at several transplantation congresses locally and internationally. The Gastroenterology unit and the Dietetic service provide quaternary/tertiary healthcare services to all children in the hospital. A number of specialized areas of medicine rely on the expertise rendered by this service including for example: intensive care, surgical patients, short bowel syndrome, liver transplantation, cystic fibrosis.