The sensitive topic of genital warts requires much guidance and care from the treating Dr. 

Diarise this CPD-accredited webinar on genital warts

Earn 1 CPD point by attending a one-hour, CPD-accredited webinar presented by well-known Dr Jeremiah Olarogun. This webinar is sponsored by iNova Pharmaceuticals. 

Date: 27 September 2021 

Time: 19h00 

Topic: Condyloma Acuminatum 

Presenter: Dr Jeremiah Olarogun 

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Dr Olarogun is well-known in Cape Town for his years of work and commitment to reproductive medicine in both the private and public health sectors. He retains a keen interest in endoscopic surgery as well as academic medicine. After studying medicine in Nigeria, Dr Olarogun qualified as an Obstetrician/Gynaecologist at the University of Cape Town in 2000. He continued his sub-specialisation at the university, working at Groote Schuur hospital until 2007 when he left to enter full-time private practice.   

His work has also taken him further afield, to New Zealand and Namibia.  

In South Africa, he ran his own private IVF unit at the UCT Private Hospital. He continues to head one of the Gynaecologists’ firms at Groote Schuur Hospital, which he has done since 2010.   

Dr Olarogun is an Obstetrician and Gynaecologist (OB/GYN) with a sub-speciality interest in infertility. He was also the joint-clinical partner of the Embolization programme in the Western Cape. He currently heads up the Cape Town Medical Gynaecology group and brings a wealth of clinical insight into managing patients with Fibroids to Fibroid Care. He has been an invited guest speaker to multiple workshops and seminars focusing on the management of fibroids.