MSA: Something altogether different

Although multi-system atrophy (MSA) and Parkinson’s disease (PD) will always be entwined, the former is increasingly being recognised as a separate entity with unique pathology, diagnostic hurdles, and nuanced treatment.

A world without Alzheimer’s

The first practice guidelines for the clinical evaluation of cognitive impairment due to Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias (ADRD) were released earlier this year by the American Alzheimer’s Association workgroup.

Multiple sclerosis 101

Multiple sclerosis (MS) affects an estimated 30 people per 100 000 population. In South Africa this number is slightly higher at 32 people per 100 000 population.

Simple analgesics could prove effective in the management of tension headaches.

The pharmacist plays a very important role in the diagnosis and referral of patients presenting with headaches, dispensing of medications, and counselling of patients.

Technological advances in stroke care

This article is based on a presentation by Dr Derk Krieger at the 19th Annual SA Heart Congress held at Sun City (Northwest Province) from 4-7 October. Dr Krieger is a consultant neurologist.

NOACs herald new era in stroke prevention

This CPD examines the efficacy of NOACs for stroke prevention, as opposed to outdated and potentially dangerous treatments like warfarin.

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Mind over sphincter: brain-training GORD away

PPIs are not the only way to address reflux, as multiple studies into the gastrointestinal effects of relaxation training and CBT prove.

Sanofi launches new once-daily oral treatment for RRMS

Multiple sclerosis (MS) affects about three in every 100 000 people in SA. The good news is that Aubagio (teriflumonide), an affordable, novel, immunomodulatory, disease-modifying oral drug with anti-inflammatory properties, is now available in the country.

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