Managing symptoms of Covid-19 vaccination

The rapid development, testing and manufacturing of multiple effective vaccines against SARS-CoV-2 was a ground-breaking achievement in 2020. Never before…

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Medical Chronicle June 2021 CPDs

Below you will find links to both CPD articles produced for Medical Chronicle’s June 2021 issue. Read both articles and…

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Painful throat infections and treatment with benzydamine & chlorhexidine combinations

Inflammation of the throat is a common medical issue, and it can result from a variety of causes, including:  Laryngitis, Tonsillitis, Throat ulcers.  Medical…

Bone health is crucial for a healthy life – The importance of nutrition and health supplements

Bone is living tissue that is constantly being broken down and replaced and for this reason, an adequate supply of…

Combination products: the way to go for colds and flu?

Influenza and the common cold are here to stay, so what are the most effective medications? While a host of…

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COVID-19 and the flu vaccine

The National Institute for Communicable Diseases (NICD) recommends for everyone who can, to get a flu vaccine in 2020. The…

iNova’s Winter Ailments Update digibook

This beautifully designed digibook brings you the best winter ailments-related articles from the pages of Medical Chronicle, collected for ease…

SA’s influenza activity

Influenza is a viral respiratory disease of global importance. Many experts believe that an influenza pandemic is the greatest threat…

Fighting bacterial vs viral infections

Flu can cause mild to severe illness, and in extremely severe cases can lead to death. The flu is caused by influenza…

Effective mucous clearance

To manage the symptoms of a wet cough, doctors often employ treatments that clear mucous from the respiratory tract, but…

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How safe are antitussives?

Over-the-counter antitussive medications for acute cough are among the most frequently used medications globally, but concerns have been raised over…

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Guidelines: tonsillectomy in children

There is an update of a 2011 guideline developed by the American Academy of Otolaryngology’s Head and Neck Surgery Foundation.…

Plant remedies for colds and flu

Colds and flu remain an ever-present health threat, but the increasing resistance of strains to antivirals (and growing public sentiment…

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The role of cough mixtures in productive cough treatment

Cough is one of the most frequently encountered symptoms physicians need to diagnose. A number of cough mixtures are available…

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Reducing xerostomia to zero

Dry mouth is a common side effect of certain medications, radiotherapy for head and neck cancer and diseases including Sjogren’s…

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Getting rid of pneumonia bugs

Pneumonia has been described as the ‘Captain of the Men of Death’ by Sir William Osler, one of the fathers…

Cough treatment

The central organisation of cough reflex loop is poorly understood.

iNova launches Pholtex Plus

An effective double action formulation to relieve both dry cough and nasal symptoms1,2

How to limit antibiotic use in acute sore throat

In January 2018, NICE released a guideline for antimicrobial prescribing in acute sore throat.

Combat winter ailments naturally with buchu

The common cold, including chest and head cold, as well as seasonal flu are caused by viruses. While flu symptoms…

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