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Policy sparks a new approach to medical malpractice cover

To counter the exponential rise in medical malpractice claims in recent years, Genoa Underwriting Managers and SA based Safire Insurance Company have launched a specialised medical malpractice insurance product.


SASOG 2020 heading to the Drakensberg

SASOG 2020 will be hosted from 7 to 11 March 2020 at Champagne Conference Centre in the Central Drakensberg. The national SASOG conference is a premier event in the conference calendar for the latest issues in the field of Obstetrics and Gynaecology.

How to get a high from exercise

How can one induce a state of euphoria without the need for cannabis and other mind-altering medications? The natural way is by stimulating the release of endogenous messengers called endocannabinoids or by generating endorphins.

Genesis Medical Scheme announces lowest contribution increase for 2020

Across the private healthcare industry in South Africa, members of medical schemes are bracing themselves for a 10% increase in their 2020 contributions, exceeding the general inflation rate by 4.6%.

Natural alternatives to CBD

There are numerous concerns about the growing use of CBD oil in the medical industry, but not many healthcare providers are aware of the large number of natural products that have effects very similar to CBD.

NHI: still no technical report

“I’ve never seen so little policy work emerge from a team working for such a long period of time and produced so little evidence for a proposal. It is grossly irresponsible” – Professor Alex van den Heever.