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Replay available of ‘COVID-19 and obesity’ webinar

When looking at the death rates of Covid-19 in Europe and the US, which faced the largest impact of this disease there were two distinct groups of people who died from this illness.

Watch a replay of Medical Chronicle’s ADHD webinar

On Tuesday 30 June Medical Chronicle in partnership with Dr. Reddy’s hosted a webinar that looked at ADHD and Covid-19.

Replay available of ‘Overview of SARS-CoV-2’ webinar

Did you miss the webinar presented by Prof Reid Ally on the topic of: Overview of SARS-CoV-2? We have the webinar video available for reply. Prof Ally gave an excellent presentation, looking at the pandemic’s…

Replay available of ‘Management of Covid-19’ webinar

Medical Chronicle hosted a webinar on the management of Covid-19, presented by someone on the frontlines of fighting the virus in Italy, Prof Carlo Tascini. This fascinating webinar was done in partnership with ThermoFisher.

Cipla to bring remdesivir to SA

Cipla through a landmark agreement with Gilead Sciences Inc., has been granted a license to manufacture and distribute the antiviral medicine, remdesivir, in 127 countries, including South Africa.

From confusion to ‘COVID toes’

People respond to diseases in different ways, which is why there is such a diverse range of symptoms among COVID-19 patients, says an expert from top American hospital Cleveland Clinic.