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Carbs, nutrition, and sportspeople

“Sportsmen and women are only able to reach their peak performance level when they make healthy eating and nutrition a part of their daily training routine,” said nutritionist and former World Triathlon Champion, Hannele Steyn.

Climate change and allergies

Although scientists are sketchy on exactly how climate change will impact respiratory allergies, they say the extreme weather events of the past decade have resulted in massive changes in our climate to which biologic systems on all continents are reacting.

Probiotics and children

The term “probiotics” actually refer to a formulated mixture of living micro-organisms, which are normally resident in our gastrointestinal tract. There is considerable public, media, and scientific interest in such products in their ability to modulate intestinal inflammation and health in general.

Pain: nociceptive vs neuropathic

Pain is a sensory and emotional experience with multiple causes to which people respond in multiple and individual ways (different pain thresholds). Pain is a natural and very important function of the human body.

Record keeping and the value of the mundane

The recent judgment of the Gauteng High Court in amongst others, Viviers and MEC for Health Gauteng is unexceptionable on the facts as accepted by the Court.

New fluid replenishment for children now available

Créche Guard Restore Lolly is a unique oral nutrient solution to replenish, refuel and replace fluid loss in children and will no doubt become a welcome addition to your first aid kit at home and when traveling.