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Stem cell typing: New tech for Africa

For patients with debilitating blood disorders, such as Leukemia or sickle cell disease, stem cell transplants are often the only

Treating cuts and grazes

Treatment Try and assess the severity of the cut, and apply pressure to the cut with a clean cloth. Fingers

The R2-D2 of germ zappers

Xenex Light Strike Germ-Zapping Robots provide proven, effective and fast disinfection of hospital environments to enhance patient and employee safety

New MD for Lilly South Africa

Most recently, Daniel was next-generation customer engagement leader, where he provided a strong understanding of external trends and potential innovative solutions

New packaging for Norflex

The dual action orphenadrine and paracetamol combination provides enhanced relief of painful muscular spasm.  The S2 product manages pain and

Soothe that sunburn

The fact is that nobody plans to go out and get sunburnt, but it’s imperative that we plan not to

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